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The Different Types Of Chocolate

This image features different types of chocolate: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Chocolate is a great gift for many occasions. Whether you’re purchasing chocolate to celebrate a holiday, to show someone that you care, or simply because you enjoy the great taste of smooth velvety chocolate. It’s a staple and a guilty pleasure for many. Different types of chocolate are used to create the delectable treats that […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This image features an example of some father's day gift ideas.

There are just a few days left before Father’s Day. For those of you who haven’t purchased a gift for your beloved fathers, we’ve got some easy Father’s Day gift ideas for you. Whether your father taught you how to cook, worked to support your family or took you to your first baseball game these […]

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The Chocolate Making Process – Cocoa Into Chocolate

This image shows one of the steps to the process of chocolate making.

The sweet and mildly bitter delights of chocolate can be found all over the world. There are many kinds of chocolate and because of its popularity, it’s used in a variety of delectable desserts like cakes, cookies and even beverages such as milkshakes and smoothies. Although chocolate is greatly appreciated, the process of chocolate making […]

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Baking Your Way Through COVID-19, One Recipe At A Time

It feels like it’s day 2734 of quarantine and we are all doing our part by staying in and hoping COVID-19 will go away soon. But I don’t believe any of us contemplated how difficult it is to just stay home! Think about all the time that you were at work or school and couldn’t […]

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A Box of Chocolate To Cheer up a Loved One

By now, we know that it is impossible for anyone to be unaware of the new Coronovirus pandemic. You can be anywhere in the world, and if you turn on the television, or radio or if you talk to anyone, all you can hear is talks about Covid-19. From country leaders to celebrities to your […]

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Enjoy Sweet New Plans For Valentine’s !

Some love Valentine’s Day, and want to celebrate with the whole package – flowers, chocolate, and a reservation for dinner. Others don’t care for the whole hoopla, and would rather stay in with their partners. And there may be those currently unattached who feel stressed about all the red hearts and balloons that pop up everywhere. But now […]

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What Better Way to Celebrate Canada Day Than with…Chocolate?!

Chocolate is incorporated into almost every holiday, even Canada Day! From chocolate ice cream to a sweet dessert at a BBQ celebration, chocolate is something that most of us love about the summer holidays.  However, some people stress about the amount of chocolate they eat over a long weekend. With swimsuit weather here, you may […]

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Celebrate Father’s Day with Homemade Chocolatey Treats for Dad

Does your Dad have a sweet tooth? Who doesn’t! Chocolate is a delicious way to enhance your experiences. From dark, milk, or white chocolate to fruity, salty or sweet tastes, there’s a chocolatey concoction out there for everyone. Chocolate brings people together to indulge and relax, and it’s a top dessert choice when celebrating a […]

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Wine Is Good For You!

Across the globe, wine has emerged as a hallmark for a good life and refined culture. Wine is one of history’s oldest drinks that map its existence throughout the evolution of mankind and human civilization. Wine is not merely perceived as an alcoholic drink but is also regarded as an elixir of human life in […]

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Expert Interview

Expert Interview Series by our friends at Cilantro: David Levy of Chocolate Tales About Making Fine Chocolate David Levy, the founder of Chocolate Tales, manages his dream chocolate business. He stays on top of the latest and greatest trends to ensure his events and workshops are incomparable to others. We checked in with David to hear about […]

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