Please read about what some of our clients are saying about us: 

ADP - Chocolate Tasting & Wine Pairing Social

Thank you for such an amazing event last Thursday! We’ve heard nothing but great things from the team and their guests. The little details really made the difference, the cozy loft, delicious chocolates, and supporting local wineries, were all amazing!

Gowling WLG - Virtual Team Building

Thanks very much. Angela did a fantastic job (again) last night walking us through the tasting and the history of chocolate, and I have received great feedback about the event. Thanks to you and your team for a great team-building session – and even better chocolate to get me through Friday.

Kim Black - Virtual Corporate Event

Hi David, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with the Chocolate Tales truffle making event!  All of the packages arrive on time, as expected.

Meg was a fantastic host!  She was engaging and knowledgeable.  The time spent was a great balance of interaction, hands on and learning something!  Meg was a pro!

Thanks for delivering this great event, Kim.

Skywatch - Team Building Event (Chocolate Tasting - Virtual)

Recently SkyWatch participated in a virtual Chocolate Tasting event with Chocolate Tales, a Hamilton-based company. As we continue discovering and integrating social activities to our remote team,  this was a unique and fun opportunity to connect on a whole new level.  I’m grateful to David (founder) for working hard on accomodating all the dietary restrictions of my team and delivering the kits to employees in advance. It wasn’t an easy task since some members are in Alberta, the US and Brazil.  Jaffree and Danielle, thank you for guiding us throughout the session. We learned something new (history of chocolate), shared some laughs (with breakout groups), and we all LOVED the chocolates.

If you are looking for a social event for your company, family, friends and kids, I highly recommend working with David and his team. The logistics, presentation and quality of the chocolates and the session deserved a five stars review. 

Thank you! 

Fenix Event Management, Chocolate Tasting Event

Thank you, David and Chocolate Tales for an amazing virtual tasting experience. Our clients loved the chocolate tasting and especially the chocolate! Even though we did our tasting virtually, your passion for chocolate was so evident in the way you spoke that it really made everyone enjoy the experience even more. It was a pleasure to work with you on this event and we look forward to partnering with you again in the future.

Penmore Financial Group - Virtual Team Building

Our team had an awesome experience. We especially liked the little snippets where the instructors went over the history of chocolate – it was super informative. I couldn’t have asked for a better session. We had a lot of fun with the different breakout groups as well. Even though we’re far apart right now during COVID-19, this virtual session brought us a bit closer together. A big thank you to Angela and Danielle for being such great facilitators, and David (the owner) for being so responsive to my questions via e-mail. Overall, I got a lot of thumbs up from all of our staff, and this is definitely something we would do again in the future.

Lisa Wong, Operations Manager, Penmore Financial Group

RSG Inc.

Thank you so much for organizing our AWESOME chocolate event.  The experience and the venue were most excellent. Everyone had a GREAT time and cannot stop talking about how much fun it was and how delicious the chocolate is/was!  There were many with chocolate hangovers the next day! lol Thank you so much for making our holiday party a success and happy memory.

Blaney McMurtry LLP

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for making our event last night such an overwhelming success.  The event is getting rave reviews from both our lawyers and clients who attended.

Fraser Milner Casgrain

Thank you again for teaching us about chocolate and providing us with delicious chocolates of our own!  We have received many compliments and thanks for putting this workshop on and we would like to extend them to you as well – Thank you!

Delawana Inn

Dear Chocolate Dave, I am writing this letter to provide you with some unsolicited feedback regarding your workshops here at the Delawana Inn Spa & Conference Resort during the summer of 2011!  It is my pleasure to say that it has been a great experience having worked with an extraordinary person like yourself. The show was a complete success every week! The turn-outs as well as subsequent comments were phenomenal.  You showed a ton of dedication, enthusiasm and care to each performance. Your outstanding personality and ability to work with the resort’s clientele (people of all ages) are second to none.  While maintaining a safe environment, the creativity and fun that you exhibited were never compromised. Chocolate Tales has been a great asset to our Social  Itinerary!  Your willingness to do the best job possible & go above and beyond the call of duty is unparalleled and has definitely left a lasting impression with everyone you have ever come in contact with here at this resort.

Lee M.

Our family did the Chocolate Tales at the Dundurn Castle yesterday and were just thrilled with the professional top notch presentation they did. We tried various types of chocolate, ate lots and decorated lots! They had everything down to a tee, from the informative and interesting history of chocolate, to showing the making of the chocolate, to the layered table cloths for easy clean up! I had the pleasure of meeting the owner at the end to basically tell him how impressed we were with his event. We were also given lovely little boxes with ribbon and little bags to put our chocolates in at the end! Very very good, highly recommend this

Omers - Team Building

I just want to say thank you so much for all of your assistance. You always responded to email inquiries in a very timely and professional manner. It was amazing service!

I also wanted to pass along that the event was a hit! Your staff members were professional, personable, friendly, attentive, understanding and amazing to work with for this event! They had everything organized and under control making the event seamless! They were incredibly understanding (as this was our first chocolate event and we did not know what to expect) and were able to thoroughly explain and convey what they needed for event set up. You have absolutely amazing staff and I would like to thank everyone involved!

B.Newman - Bachelorette Party

Tonight was a great evening. You do a very good job, presenting and sharing and preparing chocolate.  It  was really delicious and fun. The girls had a great time..It’s chocolate!

Reena Newman

David exceeded all of my expectations!  Not only did we get to create and devour piles of wonderful treats, we walked away with a whole new appreciation for chocolate.  I highly recommend finding any excuse to throw a chocolate party, you absolutely will not regret it!

Luana Casale

Hi David, I just wanted to give you a VERY BIG THANK YOU. for all your great effort last Sunday.  You made the party a fun and memorable one.

Suzanna L.

I just want to say how much we enjoyed having you and making CHOCOLATE!!!! We all ate it the next day! Thanks so much!!!

Workshop Customer

Thanks for this. I had a great time, as did my friend.  We both learned a lot and we both cook a lot so it was a pure delight to learn new things. The presenter – Kelly, is articulate, did not ever speak in a condescending manner, had good, light, humor.  Her presentation flowed in a logical, easy to understand manner and she did not say “um” even once… a mark of an excellent presenter. The chocolate we worked with tastes amazing, and it was clear that this was not “just chocolate”.. so very rich and delicious. I was not sure about the ginger, or the chili flavours.  But, they were good experiences just the same. The portions were very generous, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. At the end, we had samples of single origin chocolate.  The only place in Canada I have ever had that as a retail product (bar form only) was at the Newfoundland Chocolate company, in St. John’s Newfoundland, so kudos to you for introducing it to the people at the workshop.. it is so unique.  I really liked Kelly’s explanation about how it came to “single origin”, and the variations in the environment and the effect on the cacao plants. The funniest part to me is that I cook with cacao nibs often, and until last night I did not know how they were made. Thank you for a lovely  and informative .. and fun and delicious evening. – Nancy M. “

Jias Toronto

I just wanted to belatedly thank you for organizing the truly amazing chocolate holiday event with Chocolate Tales.  It was really fun, a great way to connect with colleagues I didn’t know, really interesting…and obviously DELICIOUS!!  I thought that the facilitator was super interesting, full of chocolate-knowledge and yet able to keep it light and moving quickly to keep everyone’s attention.  The activities fostered team spirit, and yet if you were on a less-than-stellar team (I mean competitively speaking), there were still new skills to hone and chocolate to ENJOY! I had a total blast and would totally consider doing something like this…for my 40th?!  For my kids’ parties when they get a bit older (I don’t want to waste it on their unsophisticated palates!)?  For a friend’s weding shower?  So many delicious possibilities… Thanks and happy 2014!! Jodi

Mars Canada

I wanted to write a quick note of thanks to tell you how amazing our evening with Cocoa Kelly was! Her historical and technical knowledge as well as passion really made for an incredible team event.I have received rave reviews from everyone on my team about our evening making chocolate… thank you! I will definitely spread the word within our organization. Best regards, Martin S.


I just wanted to send you a big thank you to you and your staff for such a great experience! Every person in our group LOVED the chocolate making session and we all had such a good time.  It was very informative and so interesting to learn about the history of chocolate. To be able to actually create our own chocolates was a real treat and I have had nothing but positive feedback regarding this session. I would also like to extend a sincere thank you to Kelly!  She was absolutely amazing!  She is pleasant, knowledgeable and very engaging.  It was such a pleasure to spend time with her and I truly appreciate you sending us such a wonderful person to learn from. Again, thank you for such a unique and fun experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Chocolate Tails!  Our experience was exceptional! All the best, Colleen  S.


We had an AMAZING time yesterday.  Kelly did such a great job facilitating the workshop and hours later, we still can’t stop talking about how much fun we had.  I’m really glad that I came across your site and I definitely will recommend the workshop to my network. Thanks for working with me to ensure the event went off without a hitch.  Ten Restaurant was a great suggestion and the food/beverages and service was perfect. Dennis L.

Lindsay T. - Wedding (Bride)

I just wanted to send over a quick note to thank-you for the chocolate you prepared for our wedding on October 24t. It was absolutely perfect and exceeded our expectations. We were so happy with the service we received and the quality of the chocolate. Luckily there was some left over and we’ve been enjoying it at home. The chocolate was some of the best I’ve ever had, the pairings were perfect and the ordering was so stress free.

JL International

Your team was amazing and did a great job in making our event fun and informative for our group.  The experience added a nice touch to the start of our celebrations that carried right through the entire evening. Thank you for a job well done!

The O'niell Centre - Long Term Care Facility

I just wanted to thank you for accommodating our unique needs and keeping me informed of everything leading up to our event today. Sonia was phenomenal and really had the residents engaged throughout the entire program. This will be something they will talk about for a while now and were very happy to be a part of it. Thanks again, it was such a success.

CICE - Team Building Event

On behalf of the CICE team, I wanted to take this opportunity to, once again, thank you for such a wonderful experience last Wednesday! The entire team truly had a great time and the chocolate treats were delicious! Your presentation was very informative and well done! Thank you for helping us make our team building day a GREAT success! The CICE Team

Maria C. - Bridal Event

I am writing to thank you and Angela for the amazing workshop we received yesterday. Our guests loved it and it was a fantastic experience. We learned so much about chocolate and we got to taste lots of different flavours and delicious chocolates. All the guests commented on how rich and delicious the chocolate was. Also, Angela was an absolute joy. She was kind, entertaining, and very knowledgeable. She involved the bride in the chocolate making process and made her feel special. We had a couple of young girls who were eager to participate in the process and Angela kindly included them and let them help her out. She didn’t have to do that but her actions made all the difference. I was also very touched when she offered to wrap the chocolates the bride made individually so I could give them away to the guests. I mentioned that I wanted give the guests those chocolates to take home and she went out of her way to make it happen. We were so happy with the service. Thank you for making our event that much special!!

Lauren G. - Family Event

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Chocolate Tales for providing a wonderful experience that suited a wide age range (youngest being 3 and oldest being 70). My family thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and we are still enjoying some truly delicious chocolate!

Shawn S. Open Workshop Participant

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience. I have never written a thank you letter before this is my first time right from the beginning with your help booking my workshop and your great customer service and to Angela being great at hosting the workshop it truly was an amazing experience I have tried a bunch of new things this year like going to the gun range and driving a Lamborghini and Ferrari on a race track and making wine and a winery tour but this was probably the best experience I also found it to be therapeutic so thank you so much I had a great time and everyone who attended the workshop was great and fun we all helped each other out.

Kylie M. Baker & McKenzie LLP

“Thank you David and the Chocolate Tales team for another amazing event! Our custom chocolate ‘celebration’ was a great success and our guests really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in treat making and tastings at their leisure. We were incredibly happy with the service from start to finish and look forward to planning another event with you soon!”

Nicole V. - Purchased chocolate for Mother's Day

Thanks so much for making my mother’s day and those of our moms an extra sweet and special one.  We have all been indulging, the truffles are delicious and can’t say enough about the level of service you provided on all fronts, it was sincerely appreciated.

Paula M. - Family Party

I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had making and eating the chocolate.  You were a pleasure to work with and my grandchildren and husband are still enjoying the fruits of their labour.  I will certainly recommend chocolate making to all of our friends.

Thank you again.

Deborah A. - Bridal Shower

My sincere thanks for the lovely chocolate workshop you hosted yesterday for my sister and her friends. It was truly enjoyed by all guests and we will warmly recommend the experience to our family, friends and colleagues.
We appreciate everything you did to make it such a fun event.
All the best,

Scott S. DB Schenker: In-Person Team Building

Thank you for a great event!  I enjoyed seeing the team so engaged and entertained so much in what was our first in-person event since before the pandemic.  What could be better than chocolate?

It was loads of fun and we all learned a lot.

Thanks again.

Stéphanie B. - Purchased our chocolate online

Hello! We received the chocolates and tasted them. We loved particularly the carrot cake one, the marshmallow one, and loved the ruby bar. We will definitely order again from you! Your chocolates are divine! Thank you a lot!

Kids Testimonials

Debbie W. Virtual Kids Party

Thank you to you & Angela for helping Mika celebrate such a fun birthday! Angela was great with the girls and helped encourage them to all chat afterwards. (They’re super chatty in person but clam up on screen!)

Kate K, - online end of year class party (4th grade)

My daughter participated in the Branksome Hall end of year chocolate party with you yesterday afternoon and I can’t say enough about what a huge success the event was!  Every single parent and child is emailing everyone saying how much fun their daughter had, how she learned new skills, how delicious everything was, and how clean their kitchens stayed!
I am so impressed by everything- the beautifully  packed box, how organized and patient you were with the girls, and how delicious everything was! I will definitely recommend you to anyone and will keep you in mind for future events.

M. Margeret

Thank you again for doing such a great job at Elizabeth’s party.  She said it was one of her best parties ever!

Sarah Jackson - Kids Chocolate Party

I attended David’s chocolate party. I found it entertaining, informative and absolutely delicious. I am a first-grade school teacher so I know children’s likings, the party was a great success and the kids got lots of hands on experience. I informed David that he is scheduled for our end of the year party at school! Keep up the good work David. Sarah Jackson 1st grade teacher

H. Balter

Now that everyone left, I had a moment to say THANK YOU again for a great party…K. had a great time and we really appreciate all that you did to make the party a big success!

Luana Casale

Hi David, I just wanted to give you a VERY BIG THANK YOU. for all your great effort last Sunday.  You made the party a fun and memorable one.

S.Yates - Mother

Thank you very much for the great party! K. and her friends had a blast, and some parents have already heard requests for chocolate parties, too. You truly have a talent for entertaining children and educating them at the same time. I will warmly recommend you to friends!

Tracy Mumford - Mother

David I would like to thank you so much for bringing Chocolate Tales to our house and helping our children make chocolate flakes, truffles and souffles. The kids (and the mom’s) really enjoyed learning the history of chocolate. You were a fantastic teacher!!!


I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the whole Chocolate making experience for my Daughter’s 8th Birthday party.  Ashley was truly wonderful with the girls and acted very professionally.   The chocolates were delicious and everyone had a great time! It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

Teresa A.

I just wanted to thank you and especially Salma for providing Ariana with a wonderful 8th birthday party experience! Ariana and her friends were thrilled. Salma was very courteous and pleasant to work with. I have and will recommend your services to others.

H. & J. Shin

Chocolate Tales has all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of true artisan chocolate-making, made so your children can enjoy. David Levy has energy and enthusiasm; he creates excitement and appreciation of chocolate.  We were thoroughly impressed with David’s punctuality, resourcefulness, program of various types of chocolate-making, and seamless transition to clean up, all around the main feature of creating a friendly, happy and safe environment for our kids involved in chocolate-making. We highly recommend Chocolate Tales!

Teju P.

Thank you for wonderful lessons in chocolate making yesterday.  The children were so thrilled to take their loot bags and their own creations – lovely to see such a huge smile on their faces!

Vimla T.

Just wanted to thank Chocolate Tales for a great party. My nine-year-old daughter and her friends can’t stop talking about it! Ashley was awesome with the kids and kept their attention the whole time. It was stress-free for me which was the best part! Thanks again.

Debbie G.

Ashley did a great job with the party. She had a group of high energy 10-year-old boys and she had a very fun and friendly way of managing them. The boys were incredibly enthusiastic about the experience – one asked for her business card so he could ask his mom for a chocolate party for his next b-day, another kept saying, ‘this is sic,’ another said that it was the best birthday party he had ever been to and another came into the kitchen in the middle of it to spontaneously thank me for doing such a fun party.  Thanks

Doug M.

Your team did a fantastic job at Dasha’s party!  Kudos to Ashley and Chelsey. I thought it may be difficult to hold the attention of 6-year-olds for that long, but Ashley did an amazing job.  Chocolate Tales was a big hit!  The kids had wall-to-wall fun. I think / hope you will get some follow-up business from this event.  There were a number of adults in attendance, and I’ve already heard lots of buzz about your event … kids telling their parents they want a chocolate party too, and parents thinking about adult parties also.  Nobody had seen this type of event before, so the novelty factor is very high. Most important, my daughter Dasha felt that she had a most amazing birthday party. Outstanding job!

Sarah Y.

We wanted to send you a quick thank you a quick note regarding Kate’s party yesterday.   It was simply AMAZING!!!   Ashley was fun, professional and did a fantastic job.  The kids loved it.   They were engaged and had a blast.  The chocolate was delicious as well.  A few of the kids said it was the best birthday they ever attended.   It was a great balance between ‘group fun’ and making the birthday girl feel special.  The clean up was also outstanding.  I also wanted to commend you on your hand washing protocol.   Ashley was very careful to make sure that hands were washed throughout the process – so important in these winter months! I would highly recommend your company – a truly unique, fun experience for all.  I am sure your phone will be ringing off the hook in the near future.  It will be the talk of the school today!

Sally D.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how fabulous the party turned out.  There were a few adults who stayed to watch and all were impressed.  All the girls had a great time and Ashley was terrific (as was Daniel…HE will be really great too when he gets going).  I was worried that it would be too juvenile for the girls but they all loved it.  We even had a blind girl here and she was able to participate in every task.If you ever need a reference or someone who wants to talk to someone who has had a party, feel free to give them my number.  This was the best way to go for me.  I did not have to buy a cake, ice cream, goody bags or plan games or things to do.  I did not even have to clean up.  What a super idea!!!!!!Thanks again and tell Ashley thanks too, she was wonderful!!!

Lana M.

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday was a wonderful success.  Kaeli was absolutely amazing with the kids and she got hugs all around when it was time for her to leave.   She was absolutely brilliant and the kids could not get enough.   The parents absolutely loved it as well and I think Kaeli ran out of business card by the end of the night!  Super job.  Please thank Kaeli for us again.  Oh, and I almost forgot, the chocolates were amazing.  Awesome – thank you so much again!

Heather H.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for an awesome experience….It was truly fantastic….Melissa was fantastic with the kids and everything was very well organized from start to finish….I will highly recommend you guys to anyone that I know in the future looking for an event like this….My son has already asked if he can have a chocolate party for his birthday……

Sandra G.

I want to thank you for the great party.  I wanted to let you know that our presenter was fabulous and she did an excellent job. It wasnt easy to get 10 young teenage girls to listen and be interested, but she did it. It was well organized and done in a fun and friendly manner.

Rhonda C. - Bat Mitzva

Hi David Thank you so much for a fantastic evening last night. Everyone LOVED the venue but especially LOVED the chocolate idea.Your helpers were friendly and helpful throughout the night.It was a pleasure.

Tima D. - Birthday Party

I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic chocolate making party! Olivia did a great job, she kept the kids entertained and they had an absolute blast. Thanks for making my daughters birthday special!

Leida S. - Birthday Party

Dear Kelly, Thank you for turning K.’s birthday party to an amazing & memorable one!! Girls had lots of fun. When you left, they didn’t want you to go, & said “awww….. It feels like we’ve known Kelly forever”. And furthermore, now they want to be chocolatier lol Thank you again

Leah H. - Birthday Party

We had an amazing time this past Saturday with Coca Kelly with the chocolate party celebration.  She had a wonderful humorous, warm, patient and engaging style which we all appreciated and enjoyed.  Please extend to her once again a warm thank you for her services.

Esther S. - Bat Mitzvah Party

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing time the girls had at my daughter’s bat mitzvah!  I have received  so much feedback from the girls’ parents about what a great idea it was and how the girls loved it and how the chocolates tasted so good.  My daughter was so happy with chocolate tales and had so much fun.  And the chocolates were soooo delicious- better than any I have ever tasted!! We were so impressed with everything that you guys did- from having gloves and aprons for the girls to the spotless clean up after, and everything in between!! Thanks for a wonderful party!!

Cory Wade - Birthday Party

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great job you did at Pearce’s birthday party on the 15th.  The kids had a fantastic time and we had some great feedback from the grown-ups as well!

Wendy K. - Birthday Party

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job Angela did for us on Sunday. She couldn’t have made it more fun, relaxing, informative, and easy. Mia, who turned 12, said it was her favorite party ever, and just wants to do it all over again. All the girls loved it, and it had everything to do with Angela. So please let her know we are very grateful, and will recommend you guys to everyone we can. Thank you from 10 chocolate-loving girls and two grateful parents!

Jennifer D. - Birthday Party

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with our Chocolate Tales event last weekend.  Julia was fantastic with the kids, she is a gem! And Angela was super in arranging and delivering supplies.  We were really pleased with everything and will be recommending your company to others.  Thanks again, Jennifer

D. Goemans - Birthday Party

Thank you so much for such an awesome event!  The kids loved it!  Brooke was so pleased with how it all turned out and there is nothing better than the smell of chocolate simmering throughout the house!  Angela did a great job!  Thanks again!!!

Julie V. - Birthday Party

What a outstanding chocolate experience the girls had !! Ellice is a wonderful Chocolatier, she’s also fantastic with kids. It was a pleasure from beginning to end.Thank you for making Olivia’s birthday a success!

Nancy L. - Birthday Party

Sophia and her friend’s (and the adult guests too) all loved the party and had a ton of fun.  The chocolatier you sent, Nathalia, was lovely and informative and was somehow able to capture the attention of ten children aged 4-8, which is still a mystery to me as to how she did so! Just like our last Chocolate Tales party for my older daughter Amelia, the quality of the chocolate was superb (and I’m quite a chocolate connoisseur) and after the set up and clean up all done by Nathalia, one could hardly tell that a messy party just took place! I would definitely recommend Chocolate Tales to anyone looking for something different and I love that you cater to people with food allergies.  Some friends and I are looking forward to taking some of your workshops in your Hamilton studio!

Krista L. - Birthday Party

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the chocolate making party for our daughter’s 9th birthday.  The party was so easy and low stress for us as parents and the kids seemed to really be engaged and enjoy it as well.  Also, the chocolate was delicious! In particular, we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Leah as our party facilitator.  She was professional and efficient but also warm and friendly with both the kids and with us.  She had a super attitude and candor with the kids and we really enjoyed having her in our home. Please thank her again for us and pass on our glowing reviews of her.

Florita Y. - Birthday Party

Thank you so much for the fun filled chocolate party last Saturday. It was definitely a hit! Everyone had a great time!  My friends and I enjoyed watching the activity and even get to taste the chocolate (there was an extra left, lucky us). Elise is very nice and accommodating. Thank you for your kind assistance from the time I booked the party and for answering all my inquiries quickly. I will definitely consider doing it again should my other daughter would want to do the same party and will to my friends too. Thanks again!

Charlton G. - Birthday Party

The kids absolutely loved it! With my daughter stating on Sunday that she wished she could go back to Saturday and do it all over again, you can tell that it was really a moment and event to remember. I also want to make sure to send a thank you and shout out to Ellise. She braved that incredible heat, was awesome with the kids, and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for making this birthday and very special one for my daughter.

Selma W. - Birthday Party

I just wanted to let you know that the chocolate party was a huge success! Ellice did an amazing job! She was informative and helpful, and very patient with our excited teenagers. Everyone loved the treats they took home. So glad we chose Chocolate Tales for the celebration! Thanks

Evelyn C. - Birthday Party

Thank you so so much. Exactly what I was looking for. The girls had an amazing time and so did I. All of them still talk about it. I’ve also had a lot of friends ask me about it who think it’s a fantastic idea. I think you will get lots more parties booked. Thanks again to you and the girls who led the party they were fantastic., incredibly patient and mature. It was a very successful party that we will never forget!

June J. - Virtual kids workshop

Dear David,
I would  just like to thank you for a wonderful workshop for the children. Tessa and Dexter really enjoyed themselves and they really loved everything they made.  We truly appreciated you accommodating their vegan preferences with the items being made.  Everything was so clearly labeled and precisely measured which made the whole experience trouble free.  From the ingredients provided to the aprons and gloves, you guys thought of everything. It was also educational for the children.
Although we couldn’t participate on-site you made it a memorable experience.
Many thanks.