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Chocolate Consumption Related to Cognitive Function

Seen as a decadent delight by many, chocolate has a lot to offer. When done correctly, it is not only delicious, chocolate has a range of health benefits. The main one is enhancing cognitive function. Chocolate has been shown to improve the functioning of the brain and helps to slow down the negative effects of age on the brain.  

Studies Show That Chocolate Consumption Enhances Cognitive Function 

Don’t take our word for it. Several studies back this theory up. One study from the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) found a link between improved cognitive function and the consumption of chocolate. It is the dietary flavonoids that help to improve cognitive function while also reducing the risk of and slowing down the progress of dementia.  

While these flavonoids can also be found in red wine, green tea, certain fruits, and other ingredients, they are abundant in cocoa, the primary ingredient of quality chocolate.  

They did studies that showed a direct correlation between per capita chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel laureates per capita. While not a perfectly scientific study, a strong correlation between the two factors was found.  

The conclusion of the study was that there is a clear indicator that higher chocolate consumption improves cognitive functioning.  

Cognitive function and the improvement or slowing of dementia are not the only health benefits that studies have proved chocolate offers. For starters, quality chocolate is highly nutritious. It has a lot of fiber and many minerals. It is also a reliable source of antioxidants that offer multiple health benefits.  

There is some evidence that chocolate can enhance blood flow and help to reduce blood pressure.  

As with everything, moderation is important. There is no need to feel guilty when indulging in delicious quality chocolate.  

Cognitive functioning is important, and dementia is a widespread problem, especially as people age. Anything that can help to improve this is worth considering. What is best is that good chocolate is simply delicious. That just makes it a win-win.  

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