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Chocolate is a delicious way to bring people together and strengthen relationships.

We take pride in offering high-quality, flexible corporate programming that’s designed around your people and your organization’s needs. Offering corporate team-building programs virtually across Canada. We specialize in creating memorable – delicious experiences that leave a lasting positive impact on staff morale and well-being. Everything’s taken care of – all you need to do is savour success. We will deliver and/or ship our kits to any location of your choice, and work with various budgets and project timelines.

Virtual Team


and Wine



Team Building

Virtual Team Building (8-100 people - minimum group size 8 participants):

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Sweeten life at work with a culinary adventure that’s effective – because it’s designed around your staff’s needs and your company’s goals. Whether it’s light-hearted competition or just for fun, colleagues collaborate and problem solve in a creative and relaxed setting while they learn the art of chocolate-making. We offer three types of programs that can be customized as required:

Truffle Making

Our Truffle Making Kit is the perfect opportunity for bonding, this session gives participants a hands-on experience in the art of truffle making with lots of goodies to take away.

Online – Live workshop details:

  • Class Overview & Introduction
  • Brief History of Chocolate
  • Team Ice Breaker
  • Chocolate Tasting Challenge
  • French Truffle Making
  • Belgian Truffle Making
  • Truffle Contest
  • Knowledgeable and Personable Host

60+ minutes


$57.95 P.P + HST

*$225 + HST Hosting Fee

Chocolate Tasting Experience

For teams needing some engaging time together, our Chocolate Tasting Experience includes chocolate tasting from around the world hosted (virtually) by one of our Chocolatiers. Teams get to socialize and bond over our unique and delicious hand-crafted chocolates (44 chocolate pieces per kit).  Each kit comes with instructions on how to taste chocolate as well as alcohol–pairing suggestions.

Online – Live workshop details:

  • History of chocolate
  • Tasting basics
  • Guided tasting experience
  • Alcohol pairing suggestions
  • Knowledgeable and personable host

45+ Minutes


$69.95 P.P + HST

*$225 + HST Hosting Fee

Iron Chocolatier Challenge

Our energizing Iron Chocolatier contest pits teams against each other as they create a business and marketing plan for a line of exotic-flavored truffles they design themselves. Guided by our professionally-trained Chocolatiers, participants work with only the finest Belgian chocolate, and flavors – such as lavender, smoky salt, chipotle chili or Ceylon cinnamon – sourced from around the world.

Online – Live workshop details:    

  • History of Chocolate & Chocolate Ganache Tasters
  • Chocolate Tempering
  • Chocolate Production Plan
  • Recipe Development
  • Truffle Making; Piping, Capping & Decorating
  • Brand Packaging
  • Debrief & Final Words

Duration: 2 Hours

2 hours


$82 P.P + HST

*$225 + HST Hosting Fee

*Prices subject to HST

**Shipping/Delivery charges apply

5 Top Reasons to Team-Build with Chocolate Tales:

We melt silos. Successful teams share one characteristic: they communicate well. And they likely all love chocolate. When a Team of employees is brought together, who tend to communicate by email only, our fun, social hands-on programs break down barriers to build more trusting and effective working relationships.
We’re flexible! You are at the center of what we do. We take the time to plan an event that sweetly blends your business goals to get your teams thinking creatively – outside the chocolate box – back at their workplace.
We challenge. The heat is on! Our programs pull team members together as they compete in making delectable products from scratch guided by one of our Chocolatiers.
We are memorable! Long after the last chocolate, we hear how overall morale improved and how people remain connected.
We take care of everything. It’s that simple.

Reward Events

For Rewarding Staff & Clients (10+ participants)

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We all have someone to thank. Perhaps it’s a special client, hardworking staff members, or a farewell party for a dedicated employee. A fun and delicious chocolate experience is an imaginative way to show how much they’re appreciated. All you have to do is choose a workshop – and mould it to suit your needs! Everyone can take part, making Belgian chocolate delicacies, cutting, dipping, and enrobing truffles, as well as decorating individual molten lava cakes.  Afterward, guests take back a beautiful gift package home, filled with professional, mouthwatering creations – if it makes it that far! We offer three types of programs as seen below that can be customized as required.

Option 1



$720 (for up to 10 participants) + add $49 for each additional participant


Option 2



$820 for up to 10 participants + add $59 for each additional participant


Option 3

2 Hours


$920 for up to 10 participants + add $69 for each additional participant

*Prices are subject to HST

Reward Program Can Include:

  • Brief bean to bar history & chocolate tasting
  • Tempering & molding
  • Enrobing with molten chocolate
  • Personalized chocolates in gift boxes
  • Certified nut-free, allergy & diet sensitive ingredients

Chocolate and Wine

For Chocolate & Wine Lovers (10+ participants)

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Created for connoisseurs, this gourmet tasting provides a fun and relaxed setting for colleagues or clients to build on or create new relationships. Guests are taken on a tasting journey across the globe, from the cacao trees in the humid tropics to the vineyards of Europe. They will compare the flavours of dark and white chocolate combined with dry or sweet aromatic wines, as well as cognac, whisky, port, or beer. Between nibbles of mouth-watering chocolate and sipping a favourite wine, guests will learn about the unlikely similarities shared by these fine delicacies. Chocolate and wine are both high in health-giving antioxidants and flavonoids, plus the fermentation process they undergo ultimately defines their flavours. Note: Spirits or beer can be substituted for wine.  Alcohol is not included in the pricing below. Chocolate Tales is happy to make suggestions that will complement your chocolate experience. Chocolate & Wine Program Includes:

  • A brief history of chocolate & wine
  • Chocolate tasting & wine/spirit/beer pairing
  • Chocolate tempering & molding demonstration
  • Truffle box – take home for each guest

Price: $820 for up to 10 participants + add $59 for each additional participant

Prices subject to HST

Important: Special Occasion Permit may be required, contact for more details.

Mobile Chocolatier

For Off-Site Events Featuring a Chocolate Tales Chocolatier & A Pop-Up Studio (Unlimited chocolate tastings for 10-5000 participants)

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Add a mouthwatering attraction to your special event. We set up a chocolate-making pop-up studio, complete with melting equipment and marble slabs for display. Our Chocolatier demonstrates the old-world skill of hand-crafting pure Belgian chocolate into a selection of various velvety truffles. Your guests can taste to their heart’s delight!

Duration: 2 hrs.

Excellent For: – Marketing events – Seminars – Conferences – Staff parties

Price: $1,450 for 50 participants + add $26 per additional guest

* Prices are subject to HST


For An Enhanced Restaurant Experience (10+ participants)

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Step out of the office and into your favourite restaurant to take time to recharge over a meal with a difference. Your Chocolatier will be waiting by your table to provide the entertainment you can literally taste and your group can decide whether to have dessert first (why wait?) – or save the best for last. Choose to watch how chocolate is tempered – or melted – and then indulge in tasting mouth-watering truffles. Additionally, learn to roll, dip and decorate a creamy ganache bar to create your own chocolate dessert! We offer two types of programs as seen below that can be customized as required.

**Please note that our off-site – in-person events are suspended until April 2022**  Currently offering Virtual programming. Contact Us for detailed program and pricing details.


Option 1

60 Minute Demo & Tasting


$720 (for up to 10 participants) +$49 for each additional participant

Option 2

90 Minute Hands-On Workshop


$820 (for up to 10 participants) +$59 for each additional participant.


Program Can Include:

  • Brief bean to bar history & chocolate tasting
  • Tempering demo – Truffle-making & decorating
  • Hands – On chocolate making
  • Personalized chocolates in gift boxes
  • Certified nut-free, allergy & diet sensitive ingredients

+Large group pricing available

*Prices are subject to HST

Contact us for detailed program and pricing information