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Chocolate Fondue — The Best Food For Dipping

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During the mid-1960s, Konrad Egli was asked to promote a new Swiss chocolate bar at his New York restaurant. That mysterious chocolate bar is of course the well-known Toblerone bar. Today, Toblerone is so popular that if you lined up all the bars sold each year, it would be 62,000 kilometres long. However, before it became famous, the triangle-shaped chocolate and nougat bar needed a creative push. Inspiration struck and Egli decided to use the chocolate in a unique matter, creating the delicious shareable dessert known as chocolate fondue. These days, chocolate fondue is so popular that you can find it in most upscale restaurants and dessert bars. This dessert was so successful, that take-home kits are even accessible in gourmet chocolatier shops and your local grocery chains! In this article, we’ll share tips on choosing the right chocolate, how to prepare your fondue, and what the best foods are for dipping so, continue reading to learn more.

Which Chocolate Makes The Best Fondue

The most beloved chocolate option for making fondue is of course semisweet chocolate. It contains approximately 35 percent cocoa, achieving the perfect balance between sweetness and richness. However, which chocolate makes the best fondue is purely based on your own personal preference. Those with a sweet tooth might prefer dipping wild strawberries in white chocolate because of its higher sugar content. On the other hand, those who prefer rich and bitter flavours will probably lean towards dark chocolate. Regardless of whether you prefer dark, milk, semisweet or white chocolate, it’s also important to choose the right form of chocolate. Choose the kind that’ll melt better and have less stabilizing ingredients. For example, chocolate chips wouldn’t be a good option because of the stabilizing ingredients. That’s why they tend to maintain their shape when you bake them in cookies or muffins. Chocolate melting wafers is a good option because they melt better, thus fulfilling their intended purpose. Here’s a list of the best chocolates for melting.

How to Prepare Chocolate Fondue

The secret to a good fondue is creating the ideal dipping consistency. One cup of milk (dairy or non-dairy) or cream for every 10 ounces of chocolate generally delivers good results. Make sure you purchase superior quality chocolate; those blocks of baking chocolate on the grocery store shelf won’t be able to compare in terms of consistency and flavours. Once you’ve got your chocolate mixture, you can personalize it by infusing some extra flavours by adding in your favourite liqueur, spices, and extracts. If you don’t have a fondue pot, no worries! You can make chocolate fondue with or without. To avoid burning the chocolate, heat up the milk first. Then once the milk is at a slight boil, remove it from the heat source and incorporate your pieces of chocolate. Let it sit for a bit so it has time to cool off before you stir. Once the chocolate is sufficiently soft, stir thoroughly, add a pinch of salt for a little savouriness and pour it into a bowl or pot for serving. Now it’s time to prepare the food you’re going to dip in your chocolate fondue.

Best Food for Dipping In Your Fondue

Once you’ve got the chocolate fondue ready, it’s time to choose your dippers. Although you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit, why not impress everyone with other exciting combinations of flavours and textures? Here’s our list of the best foods for dipping.

Fresh Fruit

Berries are the top choice for dipping due to their size, but you can also be a little more adventurous. Use freshly sliced tropical fruits like orange segments, bananas, kiwi, pineapple or melon. Just make sure that you dry off the fruit as much as you can first. The excess water can potentially ruin the texture of the chocolate dip.


What makes a better pair than desserts with even more desserts? Cheesecake, brownies, pound cake, angel food cake, and shortbread cookies taste divine with a warm chocolate coating. As well as graham crackers, sweet bread like banana bread, and even mini waffles and pancakes also make great additions to your dipping platter. Anything dense would be a better option so you don’t risk them crumbling and falling apart in the pot. Cut them up into small pieces that are small enough to dip but not heavy enough to sink.


I know what you’re thinking…cheese with chocolate?! However, certain types of cheese are delicious when they’re paired with chocolate fondue. If you’re using sweeter chocolate, try pairing it with a robust Gruyere. Acidic cheeses like cheddar go great with more bittersweet chocolates. Certain cheeses can enhance the flavour profile of chocolate and vice versa; creating a unique experience your guests won’t forget.

Savoury Food Items

These options include potato chips, pretzels, and even crispy bacon. These flavour combinations may seem odd but somehow they work together quite nicely. Dip these food items in sweeter chocolate and you’ll get an irresistible blend of sweet and savoury.

Whether you’re looking to excite your dinner guests or treat yourself and someone special, a rich and sweet fondue combined with the perfect food for dipping can make the event all the more memorable.

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