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The Chocolate Making Process – Cocoa Into Chocolate

This image shows one of the steps to the process of chocolate making.

The sweet and mildly bitter delights of chocolate can be found all over the world. There are many kinds of chocolate and because of its popularity, it’s used in a variety of delectable desserts like cakes, cookies and even beverages such as milkshakes and smoothies. Although chocolate is greatly appreciated, the process of chocolate making is still a mystery to some. It requires extensive processes, time, and experience to perfect this craft. There are several steps during the process that must be carefully monitored in order to create a final product that’s worthy to eat. The steps include harvesting, fermentation, and production.

Steps To Chocolate Making

Harvesting Process

The process begins with harvesting cocoa pods by hand from tropical forests regions of Central and Southern America, Southeast Asia, and West Africa. It must be done by hand with thick blades because machinery would damage the flowers surrounding the trunk as well as the tree itself. The pods vary in shades of yellow, red, and green and resemble the papaya fruit. After careful selection, the pods are split open, and the cocoa beans inside are collected.

Fermentation Process

The beans are then cleaned and prepped for fermentation. There are two fermentation methods. One method involves spreading the cocoa beans in trays or boxes covered with banana leaves. The second method consists of piling heaps of cocoa beans on the ground and layering banana leaves over them. These methods will increase the humidity and temperature allowing the fermentation to begin. This chocolate-making process can take up to 5-9 days. During these days, the beans are stirred to promote even fermentation throughout. You know they’re ready once the beans have turned brown.

The Production Process

After fermentation, the beans are carefully placed on drying racks to be dried by the sun for about 2 weeks. Once they’re dried, the beans are checked for quality, categorized, then packed and shipped directly to the chocolate makers. When they arrive at their designated location, the cocoa beans are cleaned and then roasted to develop their unique flavour. The process of winnowing begins where the shells are separated from the nibs. The nibs are further grounded to create cocoa liquor. The cocoa liquor is subjected to high pressure creating cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are the main ingredients used in chocolate. Then the ingredients are mixed, ground, and kneaded with other ingredients to form a paste. This paste that’s been created is ultimately the chocolate we all love and enjoy.

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