Chocolate Tales Article

A Box of Chocolate To Cheer up a Loved One

By now, we know that it is impossible for anyone to be unaware of the new Coronovirus pandemic.
You can be anywhere in the world, and if you turn on the television, or radio or if you talk to anyone, all you can hear is talks about Covid-19. From country leaders to celebrities to your neighbors, everyone is talking about how to stay inside and how to be patient and be safe.

In just a few weeks, this virus has turned into a pandemic and it’s hard to remember what we were talking about before this happened.

The most difficult part though, is staying away from your friends and loved ones. Even people who consider themselves extroverts, are finding it hard to stay put this long.

We are being asked to self isolate, for the sake of our families, our community and ourselves. Social distancing is the most trending phrase these days and greatly encouraged. And now we realize more than ever how we have taken ordinary things, things like hugging someone, having coffee with a friend, or taking the bus, for granted.

With all the restrictions in place, people are getting creative with showing their love for their families whom they can’t see due to the isolation and quarantine situation. From singing songs down the balconies, to showing up behind the windows of nursing homes to visit a family member.

At Chocolate Tales, we are thinking about all of you and all the amazing healthcare providers who are in the front line, fighting this disease and we want to take part in contributing to our community.

One great way to brighten someone’s day – especially in isolation- is just sending them a box of chocolate! We have a fabulous selection of deliciously handmade chocolate. Our nut free chocolate is the best you will find in Canada and we do personalized chocolate bars as well.

Therefore to show our appreciation and support for our medical community, you can order a – 24 piece box of chocolate on our website to cheer up a loved one of yours, and we will send a box to a medical worker in your name to bring a little sweetness to their days.

Just remember; Chocolate is always a good idea!