Chocolate and Allergies

Food Allergies:

  1. Our chocolate is peanut, tree-nut and sesame free and we do not use peanute, tree-nut or sasame at any of our workshops or facility. Further, we take the following steps to reduce the risk that allergens contaminate the chocolate products we use;

a) We never use peanuts, tree nuts, or any products derived from nuts in our classes.

b) We use certified nut-free and peanut free chocolate. This chocolate is certified with qualifications meaning that:

The ingredient suppliers have taken necessary precautions to ensure that their products are nut-free;The chocolate is made in a nut-free factory; The chocolate is stored and transported hermetically.

However, because we travel from location to location we are unable to fully control the environment that we work in and therefore exclude our liability to you for any allergies or other reactions to nuts, nut products, lactose, eggs or other food products which may arise.

  1. We DO use eggs and milk chocolate that has dairy.
  2. Please note that our chocolate contains Soy Lecithin as emulsifier.

At times we may be able to accommodate special diet considerations including:

gluten free, egg and dairy free diets.

If you, your client, friend or child suffers from certain allergies of any kind let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you