Our chocolate making workshops are ideal for any chocolate lover wanting a hands-on lesson in the world of chocolate making classes Toronto. Our talented Chocolatiers will share with you the unique history of chocolate and teach you the fine art of making Belgian chocolate creations, made from the finest high grade premium products that are typically not accessible to the public. We offer various class types including a seasonal twist throughout the year. Everyone will leave our workshops with exciting memories, new skills and delicious artisanal creations in ribbon tied gift boxes. Our chocolate is nut free certified with qualifications and Kosher. Join us for some hands-on experiences in chocolate making! Currently offered in Toronto and Hamilton, workshops are suitable for all levels of knowledge.

Classic Chocolate Workshop

Our classic chocolate making workshop is ideal for excited beginners and any chocolate lover wanting a hands-on introduction into the world of chocolate making!


Truffle Making Workshop

Discover & learn the secret of Truffle Making! Come and enjoy our chocolate truffle making workshop and become a truffle master! Suitable for anyone, this class will share with you the techniques, tips and tricks of chocolate truffle making including how to personalize your own creations for any occasion! This brilliant class will also teach you how to work with different types of chocolates and other delicious ingredients. Take away 20+ of your very own homemade truffles! Join us for some hands-on truffle making fun!


Savoury & Sweet Workshop

For the chocolate lover that demands more to excite their taste buds, come experience our Savoury and Sweet Chocolate Making Workshop! Challenge mainstream chocolate by pairing it along with exotic flavors such as Himalayan pink salt, ginger, olive oil and balsamic vinegar while you create tasty fillings to pipe into your own truffles! Take away your own custom chocolate creations in a gift box!


Chocolate & Caramel Workshop

Nothing goes together quite like Chocolate and Caramel! At this workshop, you’ll discover how to incorporate caramel into chocolate by crafting various confections.


Tempering Workshop

Master the art of tempering chocolate with this workshop! Suitable for tempering beginners or any chocolate lover, this workshop will cover the secrets to the shine, snap and smooth velvety texture of high quality chocolates! Once your chocolate is tempered, engage in crafting your very own chocolate creations. Take your homemade masterpieces in a take away gift box!


Healthy Chocolate Making Workshop

Discover the wonderful world of healthy chocolate making. Make your own healthy and nutritious – Vegan chocolate treats using superfood ingredients. Take home a bag full of Nut-free, vegan, guilt-free delicious treats made by you!


Decorating With Chocolate

You bring your imagination, we bring our expertise! Learn how to decorate chocolate using various techniques. During the workshop participants will construct various decorations made entirely of chocolate. Great for cake decorating hobbyists, level 1 Chocolatiers, and the general curious public.


Molding With Chocolate

Use a selection of fun molds and molding techniques to shape your delicious chocolate creations and learn the tricks of the trade to create perfectly smooth shiny bon bons! Suitable for molding beginners or any chocolate lover! In this dynamic class you will also learn about chocolate fillers and basic decorating techniques. Take away 20+ of your very own homemade molded chocolate candies! Join us for some hands-on chocolate molding fun!


Macaron Workshop

Learn the wonderful art of making your own fresh French Macarons (Nut Free). Enjoy a Hands -On entertaining class on how to perfect your skills so that you can make your own delectable French Macarons (Nut Free) at home for family and friends.